The change cycle: drive slowly and inspire

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This week strategy+business published an article about change: how to introduce, motivate and implement change in an organisation—successfully.

“In thinking about change, I like to use a simple three-part framework: capturing attention, securing approval, and orchestrating adoption. Like any simplifying framework, this has limitations. But it has one primary benefit: It emphasizes the need to go slow to go fast. What do I mean? Investing sufficient time and effort to gain attention and secure approval will increase the likelihood that organizations will adopt change. Rushing through these first two steps in order to get to the active part of change is tempting. And it is often one of the reasons the promise of change remains unfulfilled.”

According to writer Susan Cramm, three simple steps can make change happen smoothly and inclusively.

  1. Capture attention = tell a story
  2. Secure approval = make it personal but tailor it to everyone
  3. Orchestrate adoption = help people think deeply and develop new insights and learn new behaviors

Check it out here: Why It Makes Sense for Managers to Go Slow to Go Fast

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