gina.digital is a strategic communications agency based in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia. We are experts in design, websites and online marketing.

We have over 20 years of industry experience, a portfolio of success stories and millions of dollars in wins for our clients.

We promise you a passion for delivering exceptional and highly effective strategic communications. This is reflected in our work and in our standard for excellence.

Our history

How we began

Gina Jaaskelainen is the founder and Principal of gina.digital. From the beginning, Gina’s mindset has always been about producing the best quality without compromise—a premium product at a premium price.

Gina has stood by this quality standard in design, marketing, strategy, websites, customer engagement and communications all her working career. gina.digital is a reflection of this adherence to high quality, strategic solutions.

In 2004, after working in the print and packaging industries for 8 years as a designer, and in sales and marketing support roles, Gina started her first business, Hollywood Black, based in Western Sydney and then in the Blue Mountains.

Hollywood Black was a branding and creative design studio that grew to become a known brand and agency employing staff and hiring a team of contractors and consultants.

Hollywood Black delivered complete brand solutions, corporate identity, graphic design, business and marketing strategy, websites and online marketing solutions for small to medium businesses, not-for-profits and local government.


In 2013, Gina launched Modewest Magazine—a business and lifestyle magazine that shared expert knowledge and practical skills in strategy and marketing for Western Sydney small businesses.

In conjunction with Modewest, Gina began The Lounge, a relaxed and comfortable “lounge room” atmosphere where Gina ran and facilitated online marketing, SEO, social media, WordPress and other business, and lifestyle, workshops to support and assist small businesses. At The Lounge, small business owners in the Penrith and Blue Mountains regions were able to learn how to be effective in the digital arena of social media, SEO and online marketing, where mystery and misunderstanding still lurks for many businesses.

In 2015, after 11 years as a business owner and founder, Gina decided to close Hollywood Black and shift her focus to strategic communications at a higher level. She created gina.digital, a brand in her own name.

Bringing you to now

Introducing gina.digital

gina.digital is a business and a brand indicative of Gina’s own commitment to a strategic approach to all communications—from planning and project management to design and marketing.

It represents Gina’s emphasis on the global digital realm at our fingertips—the ability and capability companies have today to reach customers throughout the world.

We have this commitment—to deliver communications that are strategically focused and visually powerful for the success of your company and campaign.

The value of face-to-face marketing and word of mouth remains very important and we value these as effective means of growth. However, we acknowledge what the digital age means for new businesses, new products and for expanding enterprise, and we are dedicated to supporting all companies to successfully reach their global growth potential online.

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