What is digital leadership?

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“To be a digital leader you need to not only excel at every discipline touched by digital within your organisation but also set an example to other organisations and individuals who are struggling with digital transformation themselves.”

Christopher Ratcliff, editor of Search Engine Watch, discusses some worthwhile, though somewhat simplistic, ideas about digital leadership.

He does make some good points, however, and I like these few excerpts:

“There needs to be full understanding of exactly what digital can do for the entire organisation and its customers, and this can only come about through education and training. The whole team needs to be on board, right from the upper echelons of the C-suite to your intern that started a week ago.”

“Digital Leadership doesn’t only have to come from within. A digital leader for you can be a brand, a business or a person operating on the other side of the world, in a totally different industry, who you feel inspired by.”

“A true digital leader will also help those companies that are struggling with the demands of digital change.”

Check it out here: What is digital leadership?

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