Organised and accountable—is this you?

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Today’s global digital tip: scheduling is necessary and fun.

Wow! That’s a big statement coming from me, when only two years ago I had the hardest time with time management. It was one of my weakest links in business and I was working into the late hours of the night to keep up.

Scheduling is important for two main reasons

1. Scheduling forces you to become an organised person

Booking time in your calendar to not only attend meetings but also to complete tasks makes you inevitably follow your schedule and stick to time limits. It makes you responsible and reliable; it makes you work faster and smarter to meet deadlines and it also makes you aware of what you are achieving and not achieving—and where your schedule, and perhaps preconceived ideas about how long something takes, needs to be reviewed.

2. Scheduling forces you to become accountable

Booking time blocks for tasks and projects in your schedule and actually doing the work at those times makes you accountable, not only to your customer/client but also to yourself—often the harder of the two. We mostly have higher expectations of ourselves than others, or we expect as much from others as we do from ourselves. If we can analyse our own productivity from our scheduling (and fulfilment), then maybe we can begin to set realistic expectations of ourselves and others, making us more compassionate and more realistic and therefore more accountable. Exciting!

So, when you really begin to schedule everything you need to do in each and every day (apart from going to the bathroom), you will become a more organised and more accountable person. Meetings will become shorter and more focused, work time will be treated as work time and not “chat” time and work will become more fulfilling because you complete tasks quicker, quieter and on time.

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