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30-minute phone consultation

This is an initial phone discussion between you and Gina to learn more about and embrace digital marketing solutions for your business or campaign. Depending on the level of complexity of your requirements this would normally be a suitable first step that would then determine the next steps in your online or offline marketing campaign.

Price $100+GST


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1-hour Skype consultation

This is equivalent to a face-to-face meeting without you leaving your office. This is designed to delve into the detail of your campaign and discuss strategic ideas, innovation and solutions to implement in order to achieve your marketing goals.

This consultation looks at your business plan, short-term and medium-term brand goals and the practical tasks you have already done to reach those goals. We discuss steps to achieve your goals, and ways to proactively utilise the necessary channels available to reach them.

Price $200+GST


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Face-to-face consultation

If you prefer a face-to-face consultation where you get to see and meet the real person, then Gina is more than happy to meet with you and give you her very own face-to-face attention.

The solutions delivered here are just as effective as if you were speaking with her on Skype, however you receive the extra benefit of a handshake and expressions up close, plus the personal relationship that may be more present in person.

Price $250+GST per hour plus travel (over 200 kilometres/interstate)


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